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Creating Lead Magnets for Your Course

Lead magnets are a great way to introduce potential students to your course, as well as build your email list. It is about the value they get from using your product or service. 

Also, lead magnets don’t need to be difficult to create. In fact, there are really only two “rules” to lead magnets—they need to offer something to the potential lead and they need to showcase your knowledge. Lead magnets can be whipped up in a matter of hours or take a few days depending on the type of lead magnet you use. 

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10 Activities to Help Market Your Course

Sometimes knowing how to market your course is one of the biggest challenges in selling a course. But without marketing, you certainly won’t see the number of sales you may have expected.

Most course creators will initially turn to social media or publish the details of their course on their website, but there are plenty of other ways that you can reach a whole new audience.

Let’s take a look at 10 activities you can use to market your course outside of social media and your website.

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