You’ve created your course – your next step is marketing it. Are you wondering how best to do this? Marketing a course can be a daunting process, but it certainly doesn’t have to be.

Let us show you six tips to boost your course sales.

Research Your Competition

How is your competition marketing their courses? If they are successfully selling their courses to new students, their marketing is working, so take notice of what they are doing.

Social media, blogging, and advertising are all common ways for course creators to market their courses, but you need to ensure you have your ideal students in mind when doing this. Take the time to track what your competitors are doing, and then create your own marketing plan based on your course.

Create a Compelling Course Title

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but that’s exactly what people will be doing with your course and exactly why you need to give your course a compelling title.

When prospective students go searching for a course, they usually start with the keywords of the subject they are looking for – “how to create a website” for example. By using keywords that relate to your course in your title, you’ll get more hits from potential students than not.

There is another reason for creating a compelling title and that’s about getting prospective students excited about your course. They are looking for a course that not only gives them the information they want but also solves a problem they have. Let’s take our above example:

Course 1: “Creating a Website for Your Business”

Course 2: “How to Create a Website in 5 Easy Steps and Boost Your Business Income”

One of those course titles certainly sounds a lot more exciting than the other. When you’re creating the title for your course, have a think about whether it is eye-catching, whether it tells students what they will learn, and whether it tells them what problem your course is going to solve.

Video on Your Course Landing Page

A video on your course landing page is a great way to introduce yourself to prospective students, letting them know more about you and your courses. You can use this video to introduce yourself and your knowledge in the area, what your course is about and what you hope your students get out of it.

This video only needs to be 60-90 seconds long – it’s to capture attention and to start to Know, Like, Trust principle which will help to grow your course sales.

Use Eye-Catching Images

When marketing your course, using images from your course can be a great way to catch the eye. These images will allow you to tell a story, promote your course and your knowledge.

Because we consume images much easier than the written word, taking advantage of tools like Canva, Envato Market, Fotor and iStock can help you create great looking images to help sell your courses. Other tools like Placeit can help you create professional looking graphics that position you as an authority in the market.

Use Social Media to Promote Your Course

Building your followers on social media is an essential step if you want to be able to promote your course to an interested and engaged audience. It is essential to choose the right platform, but social media allows you to undertake educational marketing – a style of marketing where prospective students are educated on what they can expect from your course.

In a world where customers are inundated with “choose me!” choices, it’s important to educate your market so they can distinguish you from the rest. Often, this involves a lot of information overload, which is why getting started can be difficult.

If you’re unsure where to start with education marketing, get yourself a copy of our Education Marketing Toolkit, packed with tips and the tools we use and recommend to help you tap into the power of education marketing to promote your course. 

Get your copy of the Education Marketing Toolkit. 

Offer a Free Webinar

Everyone loves free stuff and by offering a free webinar, you’re showing your knowledge and ability in your course subject.

This doesn’t need to be a long webinar – 30 – 45 minutes is more than enough for people to get a taste of how you teach, and it is a great way to gain more leads for your email list.

Wondering what to record a webinar about? A subject that is complementary to your course or a precursor to what students will learn in your course are great options. Taking our example from earlier, your webinar could be on the tools needed to create a website or why businesses need a website.

You can choose to run your webinar live or pre-record for people to watch at a later time.

Marketing your course is essential to boosting your course sales. These tips should give you a few ideas on how you can boost your course sales.