As much as we’d like to think that if we put a course out there, people will find it, the reality is that we need to market it. 

It all comes down to educating your market and letting them know why they need your course, what you can offer and what they can learn from you.

People are always on the hunt for new information or to upskill, so having some great educational content that leads to your courses is a great way to market your courses.

When it comes to building a course, 40% of your time is actually spent on building the course. The rest – marketing. It all boils down to needing marketing to make your course a success. 

Marketing your course all comes down to wanting to be seen as an expert and someone your student wants to learn from.

We need to be accessible, searchable, and a source. Sharing good knowledge and expertise through educational content is key to being seen. 

The first step is finding out where your audience “lives” – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, other online and offline sources. 

The best way to find out where you’ll find your audience is to simply ask – what they read, what articles they find useful, what social media platforms they use and so on. 

Once you find out where people are, you can start to create your content targeting this audience. 


  • Freebies and options like eBooks and downloads 
  • Webinars and training sessions to help educate on why people should buy your course
  • Through social media using snippets of the course
  • Word of mouth through new students
  • Public relations including appearing on podcasts and through the media
  • Affiliate networking, working with those you’ve already got good relationships with who know that you are educated and knowledgeable in your field. 

Marketing your course requires nurturing and leading people to you as the expert and then your courses.

This means you need to be searchable and come up in searches. Creating good quality content is how you do this. 

So what content will you use to market your course?

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