Affiliates – what are they and how can they help you sell your course? In this context, an affiliate is someone you may work with to help sell your course. You have control over the website and provide information, images and the like on the course for the affiliate party to use. Affiliates are a great way to help bring a new audience to your course that you may never have been able to reach alone. 

The best affiliates will be someone who has seen success from the information contained within your course. 

Setting up an affiliate within your Thinkific platform is relatively easy and straightforward.  You can choose which courses they will receive affiliate links to, see upcoming commission amounts and manage all details from the one dashboard. 

Thinkific also allows you to get a commission report which will show you pending approvals and commissions required to be paid out. 

Affiliates are a great option to bring more people to your course. It is of course important to ensure you are working with the right people and not just working with anyone. 

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