As a course creator, it’s all about providing the best possible content – after all that’s why people have paid or are looking at paying for your course. But creating content day after day can be difficult –writer’s block and analysis paralysis will throw anyone off track.

If you’re having trouble creating blogs or other content around your course content, there is a great little AI tool that can help, saving you time.

Bramework is an AI powered writing assistant that can help you write SEO friendly, engaging content. Whether it be long-form content in the way of articles or more short-form content in the way of blog posts or social media posts, if you’re stuck writing an outline, coming up with titles or finding the right keywords to use, an AI assistant is a worthy investment.

Take a look at how you can create content outlines for your blogs, videos, and podcasts in minutes, 

Bramework Features

So how does an AI content generator help course creators?

Firstly, you know that creating great content is required to promote and market your course. Coming up with new content however is time-consuming, and you can often find yourself lost because there are only so many ways you can write about the same subject.

Bramework gives you the option to create full blogs that are AI generated simply by popping in a few keywords and a heading, and you can also use this feature to create paragraphs which are great for working through that writer’s block.

The other handy side of this is that if you know what you want to write about, but need some compelling headings or even just an outline to help you put your thoughts together, Bramework can create that as well.

Some of our other favourite features include:

  •         Recommended keywords that you can choose to have used in your content
  •         Keyword trends
  •         Plagiarism checker
  •         AI rewriter
  •         AI steps generator
  •         AI listicle generator

Saving Time with AI Content

One of the biggest questions with using AI content generators is just how much time you could save, and it comes down to two things – how prepared you are, and the subject you are writing on.

With just a title and a few keywords, you could have a blog ready to go in half the time. If you are looking to rewrite an old blog to republish, it could take you just minutes to have new content.

If you’ve got a marketing plan in place for your course, but you’ve been staring at a blank screen for far too long trying to create great content, give Bramework a go. With a 7-day free trial period, see how easy creating quality content to market your course could be.

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