Social proof – you may have heard of it and you’ve definitely seen it in action. Social proof is essentially when people will copy the actions of others to undertake the same behaviour.  

Some might call it FOMO – or fear of missing out – but we like to think of it as a great way to sell more courses, and ProveSource makes it so much easier to do.  

Marketing is a big component of you being able to sell your product. Without marketing, your course may just sit there until someone stumbles across it accidentally, however with marketing, you are taking your course out to your particular audience.  

What Does ProveSource Do?

Have you ever been browsing a website and suddenly you see a pop-up notification that Alex from Sydney has purchased the product you’re looking at? That’s social proof and that’s what ProveSource does.  

ProveSource notifications create a sense of urgency or a fear of missing out, for the purchaser as well as awareness of other products or services.  

Do you want to create the same urgency when it comes to selling your courses? Then ProveSource might just be the tool you’re looking for.  

ProveSource increases conversions by highlighting recent orders, product reviews, and a variety of other customer behaviors on your website. 

So, How Does ProveSource Work? 

ProveSource is really simple to use and it does everything in the background of your site. Once you’ve set it up, there are a few reasons to change it. It doesn’t take long to get it uploaded to your website, and it certainly doesn’t require a lot of technical expertise. 

Once you place your notifications on your webpages, landing pages, or shop, you can then start to track and capture conversions.  

Get started on ProveSource for free for smaller websites, or for as little as $18 a month.  

Course Creators Circle members can receive 50% for the first three months (new customers, monthly plans only) using this code: KOP845QWKS 

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