You’ve probably seen those great-looking images your competitors are using and wondered just how they made them. There are some great design tools out there that can help you create digital assets, but mock-ups can give your marketing a little more than just using standard images and videos.

Mock-ups can be a powerful tool for marketing. They can help you create visual content that helps you communicate your message to your audience.

What is a Mock-Up?

A mock-up is simply a design of what your product looks like to the customer. Imagine being a student and looking at your course on a tablet – you could turn this into a digital asset to help in your course marketing.

Placeit is a handy tool that helps you create mock-ups with ease. If you aren’t great with graphic design, that’s ok – this software can help you create great designs without needing years of experience.

Why use Mock-Ups for Marketing?

We know that good images and videos can do a lot to capture the eye of your potential students, and mock-ups work in exactly the same way – they are just another digital asset that you can use in your social media marketing or on your website. It is a great way to showcase your product, and they are a great way for students to see what they will see when they purchase your course.

What is Placeit?

Placeit is simply an online mock-up, video and design template generator that is easy to use and allows you to create your digital marketing assets without needing to download or learn complicated design software.

It’s as simple as choosing your design and uploading the image you want to be used. This might be an image of the branding for your course, or your logo, or even the cover of an eBook you’ve created to go with your course.

With thousands of templates to use, you’ve got plenty of options available.

Placeit Pricing

Subscription to Placeit is extremely affordable, whether you are just starting out or creating your fifth course. Starting from $7.50 USD/month, you’ll get access to a large mock-up library, customisable logos, ready-to-use video templates, and photo, music, and design assets all available for you to use when creating digital assets to market your course.

Try Placeit today and see what you can create. 

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