Author: Linda Reed-Enever

An Introduction to The Media and PR

Traditional media is the print, TV and radio; from your daily news to your monthly magazines and news features.The digital era has seen the media grow, diversify and morph into the online world. Online media means that the news is now more social. The reach is wider and your audience is more accessible than ever. Public Relations is all about relating your business to the public: telling your story, building your brand and sharing your message in a way that the media and general population will relate to you and bond to and recognise your brand.

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Tips Tuesday Overnight Success is a Myth

As business owners it is easy to look at someone and think they are have just poofed into existence and are an overnight success, but let’s face it overnight success is a myth.

Behind that success you are seeing is layers of work, mistakes, marketing and profile building so this Tips Tuesday let’s bust this myth and look at what it really takes to be a so called overnight success.

Building a brand requires building its roots, and the foundations and while these steps might seem tedious they are what lead the way to the success leaps that are often perceived as overnight success stories.

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Finding Big News Within Your Business Day

Public relations is about telling your story – not just once but time and again, at the right moment in the right place to the right people. It’s about creating and seizing opportunity in a brave new world where the lines between hard news, social media and advertising blur. Your chances of finding that PR angle is often closer than you think.

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