Excellence in Business

At Enever Group we are committed to excellence in all that we do. Our founders Clive Enever and Linda Reed-Enever are leaders in their fields and offer strategic coaching, mentoring and other services to deliver powerful outcomes.

Business Strategy

Our Business Strategy Team is led by Business Strategist Clive Enever. Clive brings over 30 years experience to the table and your business.

Clive tailors his proven methodologies and coaching approach to his client’s individual needs to deliver proven business results through tailored high impact mentoring. 

We Create Impact

Our Marketing Team led by Linda Reed-Enever are known for creating powerful impacts. Linda's superpower is ideas and working with her and our marketing team supercharges your brand.

Courses & Programs

Through the Enever Group Business Academy Linda and Clive both share their expertise in a range of programs to help you boost your business.  Just starting out, or looking to grow and scale, these courses are for you.

Workshops & Events

Both Linda and Clive run workshops and events, in person and online. Their workshops and events are known for being hands-on learning experiences with exercises and implementation as well as knowledge.


The team at Enever Group are proud to bring you the following projects to help you grow your business.

Business Business Business is an information hub for Business owners where they can Connect, Learn, Network and Do with Resources, Tools, Courses, Tips and a Community for business owners all in the one place.

Coming soon is The Knowledge Search.  Bringing together the knowledge people seek in a directory of courses, ebooks, workshops and more. We are looking forward to sharing our new project with you.

The Course Creators Circle supports you in your course creation journey. Our founder Linda is a Thinkific Expert. We have a passion for helping you share your knowledge through courses!

Linda and Clive are making such a fantastic team.  Knowledge, experience and “walking their talk” is what set's them apart. I can only highly recommend the Enever Group. Their commitment to their clients success is what stands out.  Thanks for being in my world.

Uwe Jacobs

Such a duo! Linda has been a fabulous facilitator and speaker for some of our events and Clive my personal business coach who has taught me SO much with actual results and notable change in my business (and profit!). Highly recommend.

Jess Riches

Clive has a special process that enables you to deeply understand the words your customer wants to hear about what you have to offer. Once you have your words, he builds up your confidence and techniques . Linda is very astute and helps you to understand how to let your customers know you exist in a way that ensures that “know, like, trust” happen.

Liz Jarvis

Business Insights

Our Founders Clive Enever and Linda Reed-Enever collectively share their business wisdom in the Enever Group Blog.  Make sure you subcribe for the latest business updates

Finding Big News Within Your Business Day

Finding Big News Within Your Business Day

Public relations is about telling your story – not just once but time and again, at the right moment in the right place to the right people. It’s about creating and seizing opportunity in a brave new world where the lines between hard news, social media and advertising blur. Your chances of finding that PR angle is often closer than you think.

Giving New Life to Content You have Already Created

Giving New Life to Content You have Already Created

Content creation is something that takes time, and I get it that there are also only so many things you can provide advice on. So let’s look at one of my favourite Content Creation Hacks Repurposing Blogs.

You have put work into that blog so how do you make the most of it today we will look at 10 different ways you can turn a blog post into more content you can use to increase your reach and engage your audience.

Guest Posting and Article Contribution – What should I look for in an opportunity?

Guest Posting and Article Contribution – What should I look for in an opportunity?

Being a guest or a blog or contributing an article is a great media win, but there are some things to look out for when accepting that media opportunity.

Guest posting is a great way to reach a wider audience, establish your credibility and build your online presence, but it’s more than just having a blog published on an external site.