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At Enever Group we are committed to excellence in all that we do. Our founders Clive Enever and Linda Reed-Enever are leaders in their fields and offer strategic coaching, mentoring and other services to deliver powerful outcomes. 

Building Successful Businesses Since 2001
The duo behind Enever Group, Clive Enever and Linda Reed-Enever have been building successful teams and businesses togther since 2001

Business Strategy

Our Business Strategy Team is led by Business Strategist Clive Enever.

Clive brings over 30 years experience to the table and your business.

Clive’s works with  business owners achieve the ever-elusive work life balance that includes financial success. providing career, sales, and business coaching.

Clive’sproven 10 step system ensures you can understand your client’s deepest needs and articulate your value and sell more, more easily.

Marketing & Brand Impact

Our Marketing Team led by Linda Reed-Enever are known for creating powerful impact.

Linda’s superpower is ideas and working with her and our marketing team supercharges your brand. As Linda and the team help you bring your ideas to life with strategic marketing.

With thought behind each and every campaign, we work with you to share your message though marketing, social media and promotional opportunities for your business.

Course Creation Support

As a Thinkific approved expert Linda also leads our Course Creation Suppot team.

The team love to help course creators create, market, kickstart and promote their courses.

From helping you get the ideas and content out of your head, to Marketing your courses, we have options to support you on your course creation journey. Linda has been teaching since she was 14 and combines her love for teaching and marketing leading our course creation support team.

Workshops & Events

Both Linda and Clive run workshops and events, in person and online. Their workshops and events are known for being hands-on learning experiences with exercises and implementation as well as knowledge.

Courses & Programs

Through the Enever Group Business Academy Linda and Clive both share their expertise in a range of programs to help you boost your business. Just starting out, or looking to grow and scale, these courses are for you.

Meet Our Projects

The team at Enever Group are proud to bring you the following projects to help you grow your business.

Business Business Business is an information hub for Business owners where they can Connect, Learn, Network and Do with Resources, Tools, Courses, Tips and a Community for business owners all in the one place.

The Course Creators Circle supports you in your course creation journey. Our founder Linda is a Thinkific Expert. We have a passion for helping you share your knowledge through courses!

The Marketing Circle is Linda’s inner circle community where you get to work with her on all things marketing in a group environment. The Marketing Circle is for busy business owners looking to take their marketing up a notch.

The AI, Async & Automation Hub is a comprehensive resource centre designed to help business owners and course creators leverage the power of technology to streamline their operations and achieve their goals.

Enever Group Creates is home to the creations of Family team Linda Reed-Enever Clive Enever and Charlotte Enever. Charlotte is a natural creative along with her Mum and it is something they both inherited from Charlotte’s Grandfather Bob.

Coming soon is The Youngprener Society supporting young entrepreneurs and lead by our youngest Enever in the Group Charlotte as she shares they business rescources and more for young entreprenuers

Latest Business Insights & Tips

Signs it’s time to split with a client

Signs it’s time to split with a client

In business, the aim is to find and keep a client, right? Well yes, and very occasionally no. What if the relationship with a specific client is no longer serving the needs of your business, comes at the expense of better clientele, or worse still, is actually costing you time and money?

Streamlining Workflows for Business Success

Streamlining Workflows for Business Success

Streamlined workflows overcome the inefficiency that is the kryptonite of business success. But where do you start?
Here, we look at the importance of creating efficient workflows, and why they help make your business a productivity powerhouse.

Unlocking Marketing Excellence: Cracking the Final 10%

Unlocking Marketing Excellence: Cracking the Final 10%

In the world of business, the last 10% often determines a company’s success or failure. This portion is where many business owners, especially in marketing, sometimes drop the ball. Neglecting this crucial stage can make things harder and more overwhelming in the end.

How a Facebook Question became a Media Release

How a Facebook Question became a Media Release

It all started with a simple question I posed within the vibrant “Business Business Business” Facebook group: “What’s your favorite pick-me-up song?” Little did I know, this casual inquiry would spark a wave of responses and lead to a burst of collective creativity and support among fellow business owners.

The business expectations that matter

The business expectations that matter

In business there are only two expectations that should matter – the customer expectation of what your product or service will do, and your own expectation of what your enterprise will achieve.

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