One of the easiest and most impactful ways to get your knowledge out to an audience while making more income is to get that knowledge out of your head and turn it into a lead-generating, money-making, impact-creating online course. But are you putting too much into your course?

As course creators, we want to create a course that is valuable to our students but we also have the tendency to add too much to a course in the name of value. That leads to overwhelm for your students both pre and post-enrolment.

Take it from me, I have made that same mistake. When I first started teaching online, I thought I could pack the value of two or three workshops into a course but I was wrong. That course only sold a total of 3.

What I’d learn from that experience, however, is that I get inquiries about certain sections. So I have broken down the course into sections and sold these sections individually instead.

Now, to help you avoid the same mistake as I did, here are some tips to help you structure your course that does not overwhelm your students and will help avoid learning paralysis.

  • Plan your course with the help of a course planning sheet.
  • Break down your into small sections that are engaging and fun for your students.
  • Lesson videos should be in 10-15 minute lengths so it’s short enough to be viewed and inserted during breaks.
  • Give students a win after each section of the course to help them progress along.
  • You can always bundle related courses into a membership to offer more know-how.

If you are overwhelmed in creating your course then your students will be too. Deliver them small wins that can add up to create impact and a skill learned.


[0:00] Introduction
[0:45] Avoiding putting too much in one course
[1:05] Tips to avoid overwhelmed and learning paralysis in your course
[1:15] We know a lot of content as experts
[1:40] How to structure your course with a winning formula
[1:55] A personal experience on my own course creation mishap
[2:25] Turning it around by breaking a big course into smaller sections
[3:15] We all go through this thinking of packing our lessons into just one course
[3:30] Planning your courses
[3:35] Use a course planning sheet
[3:55] Break lessons into smaller chunks
[4:10] Give students a win with each lesson or module
[4:20] Teaching online is self-paced learning
[4:45] My rule of thumb for creating courses
[5:05] Lessons should be in 10-minute marks
[5:40] Is your course one course, two courses, or more?
[5:50] Bundling multiple related courses
[6:12] Look at making small changes that add up for your students

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