Share Your Knowledge with Courses

Not only an Ideas person when it comes to Marketing and Content Creation, Linda is a natural educator and Thinkific Approved Expert which makes here the go to for Course Creation

We help you to Share your Knowlege

  • Course Creation Consulting
  •  Course Creation Brainstorming Sessions
  • Course Creation Coaching
  • Thinkific School Building
  • Course Creation Marketing

We love to help course creators, market, kickstart and promote their courses. From helping you get the ideas and content out of your head to Marketing your courses.

Course Creation Reviews

Linda offers Course Creation Review sessions where you can book a call with her to review your course.

She will explore with you where you are at and ideas to help you with your course from creating it to marketing it. 

As a Thinkific Approved Expert and Course Creator she has a wealth of knowlegde to offer in these sessions and really helps you get the clairty you need.

One on One Course Creation Consulting

Linda offers 12 and 6 week course creation coaching programs where she will help you, plan create, and build your course on the Thinkific platform.

These programs require a discovery call with Linda to ensure you both are a fit

The Course Creators Circle

The Course Creators Circle is for the educators who love to teach what they do. Led by Thinkific Expert and Idea's Strategist Linda Reed-Enever.

The Course Creators Circle has been created to share with you tools tips and checklists that will help you create and market your course.

We even have our own Facebook Group where we talk Course Creation.

 The Course Creation Kickstart

Do you have a course in mind, or expertise you just know will help people? Or maybe you have the idea of using a course as a revenue stream for your business, but have no idea how to go about it. This Kickstart is for you.

 We run 2 Online Kickstart Challenges a year and one Face to Face weekend event. 

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