Strategy for Your Business

Our Strategy Team is Led by Business Strategist Clive Enever and delivers, clarity and growth for business owners through strategic coaching, online programs and courses.


Whether you’re seeking to increase profits, improve sales results, streamline performance or develop staff, I assist in the ‘spring-boarding’ of business success.

Growth & Clarity Through Strategy

  • Strategic Planning
  • Contract Sourcing and Negotiation
  • Cashflow Planning
  • Forward Business Planning
  • Troubleshooting
  • Customer and Client Liaison and Negotiation
  • Identifying and implementing efficient work practices
  • Policy Creation and Implementation

Meet Clive

With more than 30 years’ experience in mentoring small to medium-sized businesses around Australia. Clive works with company owners and their teams to grow their business and achieve goals through startegic coaching.

Clive tailors his proven methodologies and coaching approach to his client’s individual needs to deliver proven business results through tailored high impact mentoring.

Goals are not just the things you want in business but the items you need: time off, the lifestyle you deserve, and the income you require. By setting them, noting them and actively working to make them happen, you allow your business to work for you, and find the strategies to “make it so”. 

When it comes to goals, Clive’s are to assist business owners achieve the ever-elusive work life balance that includes financial success.  providing career, sales, and business coaching.


Think of the sporting greats and behind every champion is a great coach. Consider the stellar students of the world and behind every achiever is a mentor.

So why is business any different?

Just like in sports or studies, having a person with greater insight and experience to assist you in business can be a huge leap towards success.

If you’ve ever thought your business could be more profitable, more efficient, less demanding and more self-sufficient, then a coach is the go-to person to help you achieve these goals and much more.

Strategic Business coaching and mentoring is about taking an enterprise up a notch, expanding its future, of attaining the next goal.


Business Conversations is dedicated to talking business with industry experts and leaders. Clive and his guests have a conversation, about business strategy and ways to boost your business.


Clive shares his business wisdom through a number of self-guided tools and resources for your business.

Business Wisdom resources you will be able tap into are:

The Business Wisdom & Action Deck: 

The Business Wisdom Deck is a Business Coach in your pocket and inside you will find 50 actionable tips to help you focus on and grow your business.

The Business Wisdom Podcast where Clive shares his inner business wisdom with you. Each episode is packed with his experience to help you grow and develop your own business wisdom

 The Business Wisdom Book – Launching late 2021 

The Strategy Circle

Led by Business Strategist Clive Enever a 12 Month Program The Strategy Circle empowers business owners through strategy and connection on a group level.

It is the place where you get to talk about business in a safe zone where we are committed to your business growth.

We run 3 Intakes a Year into the Strategy Circle



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