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The Stages of Business Growth

In this Business Wisdom podcast, Business Strategist Clive Enever walks through the five stages of business growth, looking at Harvard’s research on the subject and also outlining how that applies in the true trenches of business.

He discusses each stage, how you know you’ve attained it, and the challenges that ensue, including the key things every business operator needs to have in place once they reach the next step on the ladder.

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Plan – Activity – Result

Everyone wants to grow their business to a particular level.

Might not want to be the next entrant in the Top 100 – or maybe might want to be that next entrant.

Do you want to grow quickly? Do you want to grow slowly? Do you want to grow at all? Each is a very legitimate question and each requires understanding what that ultimately delivers and how to manage what that delivery is.

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How To Find More Time In Your Day

If you’re in small business, there’s every chance you don’t have enough time. Whether that’s every day, or last week, or at random times across a week or a month, there’s a reason for that.

Being in small business often means there is only one person to fill all the roles. And each of the roles can seem that it attracts enough tasks for a full time job. Of course, each task that bobs up “demands” immediate attention.

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Master Your Idea and Vision

Why are prospective customers so reluctant? Why are they not stampeding your business with orders? Everyone “needs” this – What is holding them back?
The journey from idea to opening the doors is perhaps the most difficult to get right. Opening the shop before being absolutely clear on all that is needed to be clear on, is a recipe for stress, pain and worry. 65% of businesses fail within the first three years – is that because they are not entirely clear?

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