In business, it’s a given that you are often busy. But the real question is – are you productive? We can be busy but busy does not mean we are productive in our business, we can just be busy for the sake of being busy.
The question comes down to are you utilising your available time to boost your business in a proactive manner?
Most small business operators feel they work in their business, not on it, so in this episode let’s explore a few ways we can be productive rather than just busy.
  • GOALS – Recognise your goals and the activity required to achieve them. This includes small day-to-day deadlines through major goals like performance targets and an overarching business plan.
  • PROACTIVE v. REACTIVE – Consider problems before they arise and have the strategies to deal with them.
  • TIME MANAGEMENT – Allocate time to do tasks. Whether it’s talking to your accountant, scheduling your next event or providing service to a customer – and do it when you say you will.
  • SEEK HELP – If you are constantly behind, it could be time to seek help. Has your business grown too large for the existing staff?
  • STAFF COMMUNICATION – Ensure people have clear role descriptions and expectations.
  • START THE DAY THE NIGHT BEFORE – Clear your head to be a step ahead of the game before the day has even begun. Little things, laying out your clothes, or writing a to-do list the night before are tremendously effective in improving productivity.
It’s easy to find yourself struggling to meet the ongoing deadlines. Planning, proactive strategies and time management can help accomplish real, productivity to truly boost your business performance.
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