Fear stops people from achieving. Fear treads on imagination and removes self-reliance. Most of all, it introduces and magnifies doubts that sucks all our enthusiasm. 

Fear is contagious. If we are filled with fear, people will be afraid to do business with us.

People like to work and be around people who are enthusiastic.

Fear takes over initiative and promotes uncertainty. When you recognise the feeling of uncertainty, then you’d be able to do something about it.

Fear can be expressed in a multitude of ways.

The 3 major fears people have

  • Lack / Poverty
  • Criticism
  • Ill Health

Overcoming fear is difficult but we must look at ways to help us eliminate this. Once we pass through fear and know how to overcome it, it’ll be much easier for us to deal with it the next time. 

It’s all in the mind. So it’s reasonable to expect that thinking will get us out of it.

The more we focus on the fact that we are fearful, the stronger it becomes and would definitely affect everything that we do.

How to deal with our thoughts?

  • Find your affirmation
    • A series of words which speaks about something we want to achieve but speaks as if we are achieving it now. A manifestation.
  • Be grateful for the positive things in your life
    • Recognise, acknowledge, and celebrate good things or even small wins
  • Be positive
    • When you think positive, you do positive things, which will attract positive results.

Change fear into a motivator. Recognise it and find ways not to experience what you are fearful of. Then fear will serve a valuable purpose in pushing you forward in taking actions towards your goals.

Monitor what’s happening around you by comparing past and current performance and find what could’ve been better. Identify the steps of action in the direction of where you want to go without being held by fear. Be brave and enthusiastic enough to focus on what you want and use fear as an inspiration in achieving it. Fear will eventually fade away.

Achieving by Overcoming Fear Highlights:

[0:00] Introduction

[0:45] What is fear in a business perspective?

[1:20] Fear treads on imagination and magnifies doubt

[1:55] Two contagious things in our world–fear and enthusiasm

[2:50] How fear expresses itself—3 major fears of people

[3:10] Strategies to overcome fear

[4:35] Find a suitable affirmation

[5:18] Be grateful for the positive things in our life

[6:25] Monitor what’s happening around you

[6:36] Take action to improve and become better

[7:07] Focus on what you want and the fear will simply fade away

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