Every Business has a Point of Difference. Knowing what that Point of Difference is, gives you a huge advantage.

In every industry in every product there are many who – on the face of it – do the same thing, produce the same product/service to deal with the same basic issue.

What makes you different? What is the difference in the customer you serve?

Identifying what the difference is can make a tremendous difference to the ease with which your business runs.
Dealing with your ideal customer. Having more customers in less time. Having fewer issues to deal with means your time and energy is more profitable. A more profitable business typically means a more relaxed and content business owner.

In marketing we often hear about demographics, reach, and audience share, but it all comes down to a simple principle: knowing who your customer is, what they need, and telling them you can provide it.

And therefore, listening to and communicating with the customer is imperative to selling. It’s a three-way interplay of hearing their needs, providing the service/tool to meet them, and showing them you can.

The most important of all is succinctly explaining that you can provide the outcome the customer wants.
Knowing how to express this is what makes the difference between hard work and easily identifying your ideal customer, identifying the need and fulfilling the customer’s wish.

Take the time to examine your business to give yourself the clarity to have the business you want.

  • What is it that you really do?
  • What is the key outcome your customer wants?
  • What is the key outcome you deliver?
  • What is that binds your customer’s outcome and your delivery together?
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