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Working from home – does it make you a master of your own time?

Friends say it all the time: “You’re so lucky to work from home and be a master of your own time”. Come again? It is a blessing to work from home but does it mean I am master of time?
Yes when it all goes well I am…. but at times you can more like a Slave at the mercy of a clock that never has enough hours in the day to meet the competing needs of life –parent, worker, boss, partner, and friend.

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Do I have to Be The Face of My Business?

Do I have to put my face out there and be the face of my business? is a question that most business owners will ask themselves and one that I get asked as a marketing and ideas strategist regularly.
The Answer is YES and let me explain WHY.
Being the face of your brand allows you to build that connection with your audience; it makes your brand more familiar, approachable, and authentic. If you are able to control your brand’s image and the narrative around your story, that puts you in an incredibly powerful position to connect and attract the right people you want to work with.
We have are great at coming up with plenty of reasons not to: your hair isn’t looking great, you’ve had a bad night, it’s a stressful time, but it is these things that connect you to your audience.

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