When we regularly question the achievements of business, our role within it, and its role within our greater goals in life, we better understand what motivates and drives us, and the steps we need to take in order to succeed.

Business owners should regularly ask questions, both of themselves and their business. When we ask questions, we begin to better understand our business, our customers and ourselves.

Questioning allows us to keep the big picture in mind, it offers constant improvement, and allows us to recognize opportunity more readily. 

Questions To Ask

  • What business do I want to be in?
  • Where to from here?
  • How is the business performing at this time?
  • Is there a better way of doing the things we do?
  • Am I happy? 

Many people aren’t happy in their business but don’t do anything about placing themselves in a better position where they could be happy.

The answers to these questions are sometimes frightening and very often enlightening. The answers to these questions can help us decide how we are going to move forward.

What business do I want to be in?

It’s important in business to ask the questions about what it is you actually do and to dig deep into discovering what you want to do, as this will make you happy. Don’t spend time on the things that don’t make you happy.

Discovering the things that you want to do will also help you discover your ideal client. When you understand your ideal client, it means that you have a really good understanding of what it is that you’re going to provide and the conditions of the products and services.

Look forward, not backward. Don’t focus on the things that will make it difficult for you to move forward. Look closely at where you want to go, where you want to be, how your products and services will lead you to your goal.

Where to from here?

It is important in business to work on your plan. It is an important undertaking and it is important to undertake it regularly. When you have a plan, it’ll make it easy for you to deliver services. Planning is something you should be looking at on a regular basis.

It is important  for you to know your Strengths and Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWAT) as this will change overtime in your business. Being aware of what they are, you’ll be in position to move forward with confidence and take advantage of your strengths and opportunities, and mitigate the weaknesses and threats.

How is the business performing at this time?

Ask yourself and your customers regularly. The feedback you get from your customers tells you what you should be providing and how well you are doing at providing it. These simple things will allow you to do better in your business. If you are providing the way people want it, more people will hear and be excited about it which will lead you to better results.

Is there a better way of doing the things we do?

Customers are good at explaining a better way of doing things. It’s about discovering what customers really want. It is always worth looking at better ways. 

Asking what are the better ways is important because that will keep you up to date in the eyes of the customers. Customer experience should be the top priority,

Am I happy? 

The first thing a business should deliver to you is life. Most people go into business because they want to have better choices. And better choices means being able to choose the life that you live.

The common mistake entrepreneurs tend to make is to give up time. If we give up time, we also give up the ability to choose. As a result of that, we are not living the life we want to live.

Asking this question is easy. Finding the right answer can be a little difficult for most people. Find out what will make you happy and work towards that.


[0:00] Introduction
[0:41] The questions every business owner should ask
[1:00] Business owners should ask questions regularly
[2:01] What the answers might reveal when we ask these questions
[2:30] What business do I want to be in?
[3:10] What will make you happy?
[3:30] Who is your ideal client?
[4:27] Where do you want to go?
[5:10] Planning is important
[6:05] What is your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT)
[6:30] Ask your customer’s feedback
[6:57] Is there a better way of doing things?
[7:42] Am I happy?
[9:10] Look for expert guidance to help you answer these questions
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