People talk about goals in all aspects of life, and particularly in business. But there’s a big difference between setting a goal and creating one that is clear and achievable.

In this episode of the Business Wisdom podcast, Clive Enever looks at SMART Goals, including what they are and how they can help you grow your business, or meet a specific aim.

He discusses:

  • What SMART Goal setting involves
  • How SMART Goals help you achieve your aim
  • Where you can apply SMART Goals in life and in business.

Clive notes SMART Goal setting involves setting aims that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

He then breaks down how each of those components to explain what they are and how they work together to create a goal that is actionable and inspires activity.


[0:00] Introduction
[0:35] What are SMART goals?
[1:00] Goals are about achieving
[1:10] What are your business goals?
[1:36] Goals are the key to the future direction
[2:00] Be clear about what you want with a timeframe around it
[2:30] People with goals achieve more
[3:00] Outcome-driven goal setting has been known as SMART goals
[3:20] Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely
[3:50] Specific – knowing exactly what it is that you want to achieve
[4:50] Measurable – establishing key performance indicators
[5:05] If you can’t count it, you can’t manage it.
[5:40] Attainable – we can achieve our goal
[6:10] Realistic – setting the expectations to achieve our goals
[7:03] Timely – goals need to have a time limit to avoid putting it off
[7:40] Spend time monitoring your activities towards achieving your goals
Expert guidance to help you set SMART goals
[9:13] Thanks for joining Clive
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With more than 30 years’ experience in mentoring small to medium-sized businesses around Australia. Clive works with company owners and their teams to grow their business and achieve goals through strategic coaching.