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A 5 Step Formula For Creating Social Media Content

Social media marketing seems easy, right? Post a few comments, whip up a blog, launch a quick Facebook page. But as with any good marketing it’s not just about being seen, but where, when and in what light.
Most importantly it’s about keeping people coming back for more real insights into what you do and what you offer. It’s about offering real value to people. And make no mistake, the key to keeping your audience engaged is creating great social media content.

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Adding Instant Back into Social Media

In the fast-paced world of social media, where automation and scheduling tools have become the norm, we often find ourselves longing for the instant moments that made social media so captivating in the first place. When platforms like Instagram and Facebook first emerged, they were all about sharing in the moment and staying connected with friends and family. But as social media evolved into a powerful marketing tool, have we unintentionally lost the essence of instant sharing? 

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