Social media engagement has become a vital part of any marketing strategy. Engagement has a major impact on small businesses, affecting everything from brand awareness to customer loyalty. 

However, in the midst of running your business, it can be hard to know what to post or how to engage and connect with your audience on social media. 

Luckily, there are plenty of tricks to boost your engagement and really start to make that connection with your people. And that is where the Inspire Engage Connect – Social Media Inspiration Deck comes in.

In this episode, we look at 3 simple social media tips to help you inspire, engage and connect with your audience.

Fill in the blanks

Fill-in-the-blank posts are perfect for engagement because they require people to think and give a response. 

For example, you can start by just creating a Fill-in-the-Blank that’s related to your business or product – and watch as your followers recommend your product to a wider audience.

Find content in client questions

What is your audience frequently asking you? Are there any recurring questions being asked over and over? Sometimes these questions reveal a lot about what people want to hear. 

You can then use these questions to create social media content like a short-form video, Q&A series, blogs, and articles, among others. 

What happened this day in history

​​Have a look at what happened this day in history. Go back in time. Was there something cool or exciting that happened within your industry? Can you share that on social media? Is it relatable information? 

There are some great this day in history sites that we can tap into. When the information is relevant to your industry, you can share it with your audience as a ‘fun fact’ post that people can engage with.

These are just a few tips to help you start to build engagement on social media. Social media engagement tells you how people respond to your content and can help you grow your social following and reach more people. 

If you would like more tips on social media engagement, you can grab a copy of my Inspire Engage Connect on Social Media deck.


[0:05] Inspire Engage Connect on social media deck
[0:20] Post ideas when you need to post on social media
[0:30] Tip 1 – Fill in the blank
[0:48] Tip 2 – Find content in client questions
[1:15] Tip 3 – What happened this day in history
[1:28] How the Inspire Engage Connect Deck can help you
[1:40] Get a copy
[1:50] Share your experiences using the deck


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