Today we’re diving into one of my favourite topics: boosting your social media engagement through mini-courses and challenges, as we pull out a card from the Inspire Engage Connect on Social Media Inspiration Deck.

If you’re looking to spark some inspiration, get people engaged, and build a real connection with your audience, then you’ve come to the right place. 

So, let’s jump right in and get this party started!

Why Host a Mini Course or Challenge?

Increased Engagement: First off, hosting a challenge or mini course is a fantastic way to get your audience interacting with your content on a regular basis. Daily tasks or prompts encourage your followers to engage, comment, and share their progress, which the algorithms absolutely love!

Community Building: Challenges create a sense of community among participants. They feel part of something bigger, working towards a common goal, which fosters deeper connections with your brand. It’s all about building that tribe!

Lead Generation: By creating an opt-in for your challenge, you can grow your email list. Participants sign up to receive updates, reminders, and exclusive content, turning casual followers into potential leads. It’s a win-win!

Content Creation: Challenges often generate loads of user-generated content, which you can repurpose for future marketing efforts. Testimonials, success stories, and participant feedback are gold mines for your brand.

Planning Your Challenge

Choosing a Platform: The first step is choosing the right platform. This depends on where your audience hangs out and what type of content you’re comfortable creating. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • YouTube or TikTok: Perfect for video content.
  • Facebook or LinkedIn: Ideal for community-focused challenges with discussion threads.
  • Instagram: Great for visual and text-based challenges.

Defining Your Challenge Topic: Pick a topic that resonates with your audience’s interests and needs. Make sure it’s relevant and provides real value. The topic should be specific enough to cover the duration of the challenge but broad enough to attract a wide audience.

Structuring the Challenge: Outline the steps or tasks for each day. Ensure the challenge is manageable and leads to a clear outcome by the end. For example:

  • Day 1: Introduction and goal setting.
  • Day 2: Task or activity related to the challenge topic.
  • Day 3: Check-in and progress sharing.
  • Day 4: Advanced tips or tasks.
  • Day 5: Wrap-up and reflection.

Creating Content for Your Challenge

Video Series: Plan your video content, ensuring each video is concise and engaging. Use visuals and demonstrations to enhance understanding. Keep the videos short, between 5-10 minutes, to maintain viewer interest.

Image and Text Posts: Create visually appealing graphics to accompany your text. Write clear and actionable instructions for each challenge task. Use a consistent theme and branding to make your posts recognisable.

Interactive Elements: To increase interaction, use polls, quizzes, or surveys. Encourage participants to share their progress and experiences using a specific hashtag. This not only boosts engagement but also allows you to track participation.

Promoting Your Challenge

Opt-in Strategies: Create a landing page where participants can sign up. Offer a free resource or incentive for joining the challenge, such as an exclusive eBook, checklist, or discount.

Email Reminders: Send daily or weekly emails to remind participants of the challenge tasks. Include tips and encouragement to keep participants motivated. Personalise your emails to make participants feel valued.

Social Media Promotion: Use countdown posts to build anticipation before the challenge starts. Share sneak peeks or teasers of what participants can expect. Collaborate with influencers or partners to reach a wider audience.

Running the Challenge

Daily Engagement Strategies: Post daily prompts or tasks at the same time each day. Respond to comments and engage with participants to foster a sense of community. Share your progress and experiences to motivate participants.

Encouraging Participation: Ask participants to share their progress and tag your profile. Offer prizes or recognition for active participants. Create a leaderboard or highlight participant achievements to encourage friendly competition.

Managing Feedback: Collect feedback throughout the challenge to make improvements. Address any issues or questions promptly to maintain engagement. Use feedback to enhance future challenges.

Post-Challenge Activities

Analysing Engagement Metrics: Review participation rates, comments, shares, and other engagement metrics. Identify what worked well and areas for improvement. Use this data to plan future challenges.

Gathering Testimonials: Ask participants to share their success stories and feedback. Use testimonials in your marketing materials for future challenges. Share participant experiences on your social media platforms to showcase the impact of your challenge.

Repurposing Content for Future Use: Convert challenge content into blog posts, eBooks, or webinars. Run the challenge again, making adjustments based on feedback. Offer the challenge as an evergreen product that participants can join at any time.

Thanks for joining me on this journey! If you’ve got any questions or want to share your challenge success stories, drop a comment below or reach out on social media. Let’s inspire, engage, and connect!

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Resources Mentioned

Marketing Deck: Inspire Engage Connect on Social Media Inspiration Deck

Make social media engagement a breeze with the Inspire Engage Connect on Social Media Inspiration Deck.

The card deck is designed to help you inspire, engage, and connect with your audience on social media without taking too much of your time.

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The Inspire Engage Connect on Social Media Inspiration Deck is packed with 50 ideas and actions you can take on your social channels to help you inspire, engage, and connect with your audience. 

The card deck features:

  • Strategies and how-to guides to engage with your audience
  • Tips and tricks to increase your social media reach and engagement
  • Social media post topics and ideas
  • Tools to help your social media campaigns and strategies

Simple and easy to use and requiring only a few minutes to do, pick a card and start inspiring, engaging and connecting with your audience.