In the fast-paced world of social media, where automation and scheduling tools have become the norm, we often find ourselves longing for the instant moments that made social media so captivating in the first place. 

When platforms like Instagram and Facebook first emerged, they were all about sharing in the moment and staying connected with friends and family. But as social media evolved into a powerful marketing tool, have we unintentionally lost the essence of instant sharing? 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of bringing back the instant side of social media and how it can benefit businesses and engage audiences.

Why instancy matters

As business owners, we understand the need for automation to streamline our social media presence. Scheduling tools like media and geometricals have made it easier than ever to plan and organize our content. However, we must not overlook the value of instant moments. The moments that happen behind the scenes, the impromptu successes, the meetings and gatherings that bring us together – these are the moments that truly connect with our audience and foster genuine engagement.

Bringing back the instant

While automation is a valuable asset, it’s crucial to find a balance between scheduled content and instant sharing. Incorporating live Instagram posts, reels, or TikToks can bring a fresh and authentic feel to your social media presence. Let’s delve into some strategies for incorporating instances into your social media strategy:

Sharing behind-the-scenes moments

Something is intriguing about peering behind the curtain and seeing what goes into creating the content we love. By sharing behind-the-scenes shots and stories, you can create engagement and make your audience feel like they’re part of the process. For instance, sharing a photo of your outfit or the film setup before shooting a video can tease your audience and generate anticipation.

Showcasing exciting collaborations and projects

Collaborations and projects with other individuals or organizations present great opportunities for instant sharing. By highlighting and discussing these ventures on social media, you not only showcase your work but also provide valuable exposure for your partners. It builds a narrative of growth and excitement, keeping your audience intrigued about what’s happening next.

Making the most of events

Whether you’re attending an event or hosting one, events provide excellent opportunities for instant social media moments. By sharing photos, inviting your audience to meet you in person, or simply documenting the atmosphere, you can create a sense of excitement and urgency. Give people a reason to join you and experience the event firsthand.

Embracing live videos

While short-form videos dominate social media platforms, the power of live video should not be underestimated. Instant moments captured through live videos can be incredibly engaging and offer a chance to interact directly with your audience. Consider going live while working on a project, finishing up a workshop, or unboxing a new product. The spontaneity and authenticity of live videos can captivate your audience and increase your visibility.

In a world where automation and scheduling have become the norm, it’s essential to not lose sight of the instant side of social media. As business owners, we must find ways to balance automation with authentic and spontaneous content. 

By incorporating behind-the-scenes moments, showcasing collaborations, making the most of events, and embracing live videos, we can bring back the excitement and engagement that first made social media a powerful tool. 

So, let’s challenge ourselves to add more instances to our social media presence and reap the benefits of genuine connection and audience engagement


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