Every business comes with its fair share of risk, and foreseeing then mitigating those threats is crucial for the sustainable growth and success of any organisation.

Here, we look at the different types of business risk and how you can set yourself up to manage and avoid them.

We discuss:

  • The two different types of business risk, and why every business should know their weakness
  • The importance of proactive risk management and how that’s achieved
  • Risk management strategies including planning, people and procedures

Understanding business risk

Business risk encompasses any potential event or circumstance that could disrupt your company’s operations, hinder growth, and result in financial losses. 

These risks can stem from internal factors such as operational inefficiencies or external factors like economic downturns, policy changes, or competitive landscape shifts.

The importance of proactive risk management

To safeguard your business’ future, it is imperative to adopt a proactive approach to risk management. 

By anticipating potential challenges and taking preemptive actions, you can minimise disruptions, mitigate losses, and enhance your business’ resilience and adaptability.

Strategic planning and decision making

Effective risk management involves a structured approach that starts with a thorough evaluation of both internal and external environments. 

By identifying potential risks and developing strategic plans to address them, you can mitigate the likelihood of disruptions and set your business on a path of continuous growth.

Building resilience through preparedness

Preparation is key to navigating through the ever-evolving landscape of business challenges. By understanding your business environment, foreseeing potential risks, and strategically planning for any eventualities, you can steer your business towards prosperity even in the face of uncertainties.

Handling business risk requires a proactive mindset, strategic planning, and a continuous commitment to adapt to changing circumstances. 

When you embrace risk management as a core part of your business strategy, you not only overcome challenges but also position your business for long-term success and profitability.


  • [00:28] The importance of managing risk in business
  • [01:52] Understanding business risk: Internal vs external
  • [03:28] Proactive risk management: Safeguarding your business’ future
  • [04:34] The structured approach to risk management
  • [05:28] Early preparation: The key to navigating business challenges
  • [05:57] Strategic planning for resilience and profitability
  • [06:29] Staying ahead in the business game


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