Building your landing pages in Thinkific is an exciting time BUT there can be some limitations in some of the text areas when it comes to spacing and formatting your text so here at the Course Creators Circle HQ we decided to put a list together for you of the codes we use for format our text.

HTML options are available in Thinkific by using the code view </> you see in the text areas when working in Thinkfic

Common Tags for formatting
<h?> heading </h?> Heading (h1 for largest to h6 for smallest)
<p> paragraph </p> Paragraph of Text
<b> bold </b> Make text between tags bold
<i> italic </i> Make text between tags italic
<a href=”url“> link name </a> Create a link to another page or website
<div> … </div> Divide up page content into sections, and applying styles
<img src=”filename.jpg“> Show an image
<ul> <li> list </li> </ul> Unordered, bullet-point list
<br> Line Break (force a new line)
<span style=”color:red”> red </span> Use CSS style to change text colour

Text Formatting  
<h?> … </h?> Heading (?= 1 for largest to 6 for smallest, eg h1)
<b> … </b> Bold Text
<i> … </i> Italic Text
<u> … </u> Underline Text
<strike> … </strike> Strikeout
<sup> … </sup> Superscript – Smaller text placed below normal text
<sub> … </sub> Subscript – Smaller text placed below normal text
<small> … </small> Small – Fineprint size text
<tt> … </tt> Typewriter Text
<pre> … </pre> Pre-formatted Text
<blockquote> … </blockquote> Text Block Quote
<strong> … </strong> Strong – Shown as Bold in most browsers
<em> … </em> Emphasis – Shown as Italics in most browsers

Special Characters
&lt; < – Less-Than Symbol
&gt; > – Greater-Than Symbol
&amp; & – Ampersand, or ‘and’ sign
&quot;  – Quotation Mark
&copy; © – Copyright Symbol
&trade;  – Trademark Symbol
&nbsp;  – A space (non-breaking space)
&#??; ISO 8859-1 character – replace ?? with the iso code

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