We have all been there on our course creation journey. We have lined up a day of recording and then the neighbour starts to mow the lawn, the dog barks or all the birds in the area come to visit and sit outside your window! 

Then our best laid plans for recording our course flys out the window to join the birds. Not anymore as that is where Krisp comes to our course creation rescue.

Krisp is a noise cancelling app which allows you to record work from home, the office or your favourite cafe without having your message interrupted by noise going on in the background.

Krisp essentially adds another layer between your microphone or speaker and the conference app you are using, stopping any noise from passing through. That means the dogs, the neighbours and kids can make all the noise they want and your audio will still be clear!

Krisp says that we want our IP and information to be safe so no information is stored on their servers, and all processing happens directly on the device you are using record on.

Krisp works with over 600 apps across conferencing, voice messaging, streaming and recording, using your microphone, headset or speaker and is great for both recorded and live content and in your courses.

Krisp works on both Windows and Mac systems and supports audio inputs and outputs including Microphone, Headset and Speakers.

Key stats and facts about Krisp:

  • 100K monthly active users and growing rapidly
  • 1500+ active teams
  • Product of the Year on Product Hunt (2018)
  • trusted by professionals from Salesforce, Hubspot, Zapier, inVision, Uber, Gitlab, Inte

Key features of Krisp:

  • Reduces background noise when recording from your Mac or PC
  • Works with Livestreaming Software
  • Great for both pre recorded and live content
  • Available a Chrome Extension
  • Works with over 800 apps

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