Author: Linda Reed-Enever

3 Google Alerts You Should Have Set for Your Business

Google Alerts is perhaps one of the least known, but definitely one of the most powerful among all Google products. It taps into Google’s powerful crawling search engine.

Think of it as Google results coming to you. Instead of running a search every day for any new updates on the latest gadget, for instance, you can sit back while those news stories get straight to your inbox.

Just like millions of marketers, I’ve used Google Alerts for years, and in this Tips Tuesday session, I have a couple of tips and tricks to share with you to get the best out of it.

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The five stages of building a great business team

One of the biggest questions many small business operators ask is when is the right time to start building a team?
After all, a lot of small businesses start out as sole operators or partnerships who perform all the tasks associated with running a business – from customer service to quoting, invoicing, marketing, accounts reconciliation and more.
But as your business enjoys success, chances are you will need to take on additional staff in order to grow.

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Working with Journalists

Journalists are the key to having your story conveyed. To successfully work with the media, we need to understand that journalists live in an ever-changing world of deadlines and demands which can all alter in an instant. What was destined to lead the front page in the morning may have changed numerous times by noon as events occur and announcements are made.

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