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An Exercise to Help You Monetise Your Knowledge

As an expert in your field, it’s important to know that a lot of your activities — the things you say, what you write, what you think up and create — can all be monetised.

Your expertise is a skill mastered by years of experience, immersion, and practice, and regardless of what field you’re in, your expertise has value. Your ideas, systems, and processes can be of great value to other people in your industry.

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Marketing Your Course Through Content Replay

Part of creating a course is marketing your course and as much as we would love to think the build it and they will come theory will work for us, the reality is you’ll spend a lot of time on marketing and creating material for marketing purposes.
Marketing a course needs us to be seen, be accessible and be the expert that people want to learn from and by tapping into content marketing we can educate our market and lead them to our courses.

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