In course creation, understanding what a course offers is fundamental to fostering a positive learning experience with your students.

In this episode, I want to dive into a topic that I think is really important for us as course creators and also important for our students. That is setting clear expectations and understanding about what that course is going to offer our audience in the course journey.

Understanding Diverse Needs

Let’s face it: learners come in all shapes and sizes. Some are just dipping their toes into the subject matter, while others are practically experts. That’s why it’s crucial to offer a variety of course levels and formats, from beginner-friendly modules to advanced masterclasses. Whether it’s self-paced learning or live sessions, catering to diverse needs is key. Understanding the learning styles is a great way to start.

Benefits of Clear Expectations

Setting clear expectations establishes trust and credibility, creating a positive learning environment for both you and your students.

Plus, knowing what’s expected of them keeps learners engaged and motivated.

And hey, who doesn’t love fewer confused emails from students?

Setting Clear Landing Pages

First impressions matter, right? That’s why our course landing pages should be crystal clear. A friendly video intro from the instructor goes a long way in building rapport and setting the tone.

Curriculum modules should be clearly outlined, providing a roadmap for learning.

Including a checklist of key takeaways and addressing frequently asked questions further clarifies what the student can expect inside your course as well.

Communicating Learning Outcomes

By using tools like our Course planning sheets you should be able to clearly articulate how the course addresses specific problems and highlight key learning areas on your landing pages that allow students to make an informed decision.

Be consistent across all platforms—landing pages, social media, you name it—so students know exactly what they’re signing up for.

Setting clear expectations isn’t just good for us—it’s great for our students too. It builds that all-important trust and lays out the roadmap for success. So let’s keep things clear, keep ’em honest, and keep those students coming back for more.


  • [00:00:00] The importance of setting clear expectations
  • [00:00:54] Differentiating course offerings for diverse needs
  • [00:02:24] Benefits of clear expectations: trust, engagement, learning outcomes
  • [00:03:14] Tips for setting clear expectations on course landing pages
  • [00:05:29] Communicating additional support options and upselling
  • [00:06:03] The significance of clear expectations


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