There’s a term we use in the media, and it unlocks a wealth of solid PR opportunities – “Evergreen”. The word evergreen is most often used by editors to describe content that is of that is perpetually relevant—much like the way evergreen trees retain their leaves all year round.

By tapping into evergreen topics you can create a great media plan to add to your Marketing Planner.

Let’s Break it down Month by Month:


Here in Australia January is summer so angles for January with a summer twist are well received by readers. Just some of the angles you can try are:

  1. Keeping Cool
  2. Preventing Fire Dangers
  3. What to pack when going to the beach
  4. Surviving the Summer BBQ
  5. Working in the heat
  6. Looking after pets in the heat
  7. And of course boredom busters for the kids who are on holiday.

Back to work and back to school are great angles to look at for your January Content too. Think out of the box as well as the standard angle like:

  1. Ten things they don’t tell you about starting school
  2. Top outfits for the school run
  3. What not to expect when you go back to work this year
  4. Use tone in your emails to get a better result this year

Are just a few of the ideas you can look at for Back to School and Work.


February sees most of the media taken up with the topic of love with Valentine’s day being top of the agenda. Tie your content into this trend with both traditional and out of the box angles such as:

  1. Gift guides
  2. Tips for the romantics and no romantics
  3. And what to do if you are single.

Feb Fast is on in February can you provide tips for people on how to get through their chosen fast method? And if you are taking part use the “something good” angle and share your why with your audience and the media.

February is also Heart Research Month, so heart smart recipes and exercise are relevant, along with heart disease study results. Include them in your blog, releases, and newsletters.


Easter normally arrives in late March to early April so March is a good time to share your Easter-related content from:

  1. Easter Crafts – Traditional and New
  2. Recipes
  3. No Chocolate based ideas and more

March is also home to St Patrick’s day a great chance to let out your inner leprechaun and share all things Irish. Why not try a piece on little know leprechaun facts in your industry.

March is also Australian Women’s History month, a great time to write a piece and tie it in with women who have inspired us from the past.


April sees us move into the 2nd quarter of the year and is full of opportunity when it comes to writing.

April means Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away from that special day which is all about Mums. Whether you’re a restaurant, store, or activity based enterprise, Mother’s Day is a great chance to gain some exposure. Crafts for Mother’s Day are also sought after by online publications.

April is also home to National Youth Week Australia celebrates National Youth Week. Do you have any youth related research, tips for parenting young people or welfare-focused initiatives to highlight?

Travel – As we head towards the middle of the year, people are beginning to consider taking a welcome break, whether that is to the snow, the warmer climes of the north or an adventure overseas. Travel tips, products, and destination advice are welcome at this time.


With autumn setting in, the year is truly underway and in so many ways May is a month about giving. There’s Mother’s Day and Volunteers Week and it’s also time to “give” some serious thought to tax time and any winter-focused angles too.

Winter beauty, fashion and recipes – All media outlets will now be looking for winter themed releases such as recipes and the new season’s fashion tips.

Causes – May is a massive month for awareness days such as World Multiple Sclerosis Day on May 25, Spinal Awareness Week from May 25, Asthma Awareness Day on May 3, and No Tobacco Day on May 31.


In June we reach the halfway mark, rounding the bend and into the home stretch of the as we head into one of the busiest months of the year. 

Road safety: The June long weekend again sees many hit the roads. It’s a good opportunity for driving tips, car maintenance checklists, meal ideas, keeping the kids entertained for long drives, and any products that may be relevant.

Social Media: June is home Social Media Day – a good opportunity to showcase innovations, apps or ideas and discuss the merits and pitfalls of social media in business or personally.

Tax Time: June is also tax time that time where most people go into a panic and is a great time stories around:

  • Tax Tips
  • Health Insurance Deals
  • And preparing for the new financial year (we all promise we will be better organised next year…)


Well, we are officially halfway through the year, and it won’t be long before we start thinking summer and Christmas releases but for now, we are in July, and it is the season of winter and spring media.

Winter Warmers: Winter Warmer Topics are HOT right now. Think outside of the box, and provide some safety tips in addition to the recipes and fashion we often see.

Farm Safety: July is also national farm safety month, and this is a great opportunity to share your tips and advice with the agricultural media.

Career Movement: July is also a time of career movement and salary negotiation so releases for both employers and employees will be timely. 


August is one of the busiest months on the media calendar. There’s Father’s Day pending and the change of seasons ahead. With spring but a few weeks away there’s a focus on weddings, gardening, and events before attention shifts to Christmas in the next couple of months.

Father’s Day – August is a great time Father’s Day angles

  • Gift ideas
  • Ways to spoil Dad
  • Craft for the kids to make, and
  • Inspiring Dad stories.

Spring – Spring is only a month away and now is the time to make sure your spring releases and pitches are hitting the news desks. Some spring ideas to consider are:

  • Spring fashion and wardrobe makeovers
  • Getting back into shape this spring
  • Spring cleaning – home, life, work, etc
  • Enjoying the outdoors this spring,

Tradies – August is National Tradies health month, presenting the opportunity to share tips that encourage tradies to look after themselves or to focus on products that make the job easier and safer.


September is here and Spring is in the air! So what angles can you “Spring” into in September?

Fresh food – Amazing fresh food becomes available in spring with the new season’s produce in abundance. This makes it a great time to pitch food, nutrition and fitness ideas.

Home maintenance – As the weather warms and attention turns to the great outdoors, people are focused on getting their gardens and outdoor areas in shape. Trends, ideas and tips are welcome.

Social September – Social September encourages us all to press pause this month – to disconnect from our digital lives and reconnect with each other, and ourselves. Can you provide some tips or an article on how to reconnect this September? 


October host topis on both fun and serious issues with Halloween, and mental health on the agenda.

Mental health – October is mental health month. A great way to tie into this is to offer articles that create awareness of mental health issues, provide support for families and create stories that destigmatize mental health issues.

Spooky stuff – Halloween also pops up at the end of October. If you have a view on Halloween, an event, or something spooky to share, this is a great time. It’s also a good opportunity to talk about making or buying costumes, hosting Halloween parties, or creating healthy Halloween treats.

Fashion, Food and Fun – We’re right into the spring season of fashion, food and winemaking them hot topics right now. On the spring fashion note, it’s also spring racing season, so stories about designing the perfect outfit for the races, hats, fashion cheats, and racing etiquette are still welcome.

Worksafe – While we’re talking safety, October is National Worksafe Month and a great way to showcase the safety of your trade business or be seen as an expert in your field with some great tips.


November is another month of awareness days that give you some great angles to tap into.

Movember – Focussing on men’s health, Movember is one of the most renowned fundraising events on the annual health calendar. The event helps raise awareness about prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s general wellbeing. With its catchy emphasis on growing moustaches to support the endeavors, Movember often makes the news. If your organisation is taking part let the public know and share the story.

National Recycling Week – National Recycling Week provides a great opportunity for business to share their stories about contributing to less landfill. If you recycle, repurpose or have any tips on doing so, now is the time to share your expertise.

School leavers – November sees the end of exams for school leavers and the after-party that is schoolies. If you have any tips for schoolies safety, life after school or careers now is a great time to share them.


December sees us at the end of the year and is traditionally a hectic month for the first few weeks. Christmas is the obvious angle for December but there are a few others too:

Summer Holidays see many go away, and the media are on the lookout for things like:

  • Car safety tips
  • Caring for Pets
  • Watering the garden, etc. when you go away.
  • Security while you are away
  • Watching out for neighbours

Summer is here, and this is the time for your summer tips – keeping safe in the sun, summer fashion, food and style are all hot topics in December

DIY: The Christmas/New Year break is the ideal time for “odd jobs”. Tips for DIY around the home are a great base for content to be read over the holidays.

And some year-round ideas:

Well that is it we have covered a year’s worth of topic ideas! I have a few more that are evergreen angles you can use throughout the year.

  • Answering reader FAQ’s (frequently asked questions)
  • Provide industry tips, How to’s or advice
  • Explain common concepts in your industry for your readers
  • Feature testimonials and product reviews ie XXX is raving about