A hashtag or the hash symbol “#” has become an integral part of social media. A hashtag is a label for content on similar topics. It helps others who are interested in a certain topic quickly find content on that same topic.
Hashtags have been primarily used for big news stories helping people find them easily. However, small business marketers have also cracked the code and figured out inventive ways to use hashtags.
Anyone can create a hashtag. I’ve created numerous hashtags over the years using it on my social media, articles, and other content.
All you do to create a hashtag is think of a word or words that are relevant to your business, then you can start using it in your messages. Usually, you add it to the end of messages. But you could add it anywhere in the message that makes sense, as long as it’s readable.


[0:00] Introduction
[0:17] What is a Hashtag?
[0:30] Hashtags have come a long way
[0:41] How do we make the most of hashtags in our marketing strategy?
[1:00] Webinar on-demand called Behind the Hashtag
[1:10] How does a hashtag work?
[1:20] How news uses hashtags
[1:45] Best practices when using hashtags
[2:20] Where to use hashtags
[3:40] Tools for hashtags
[3:45] More tips, join my webinar on-demand

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