Working with the media is not a set and forget game you need to keep sharing story ideas and angles with them. So that means making writing Media and Press Releases on a regular basis and making it part of your Marketing Plan.

Ask yourself: How Long has it been since I sent a Media Release?

Here are a few ideas we have to help you get started on a new release

 Share Helpful Tips:

  • These can be the top ten, or five to succeed in your industry
  •  Tips for clients and customers on how to use your products or services
  •  Advice for people starting out in your field
  • Tips sheets or feature story around events and holidays that relate to your business i.e.: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Tax Time etc.

Share Something Unusual:

Is there some interesting or unusual about your business or industry that you can share ie:

  • The world’s biggest…….
  • World First….
  • Did you hear about….

Market Trends and Thought Leadership:

Position yourself as the expert by commenting on market trends and issues that affect your industry:

  • Comment on or tie into current events and interesting trends
  • Industry predictions
  • Comment on findings of a recent report, survey or poll
  • Debunk common myths about products or services

So if it has been a while since your last release or you have something new to share why not get writing!