Working with the media is not a set and forget game you need to keep sharing story ideas and angles with them. So that means making writing Media and Press Releases on a regular basis and making it part of your Marketing Plan.

Ask yourself: How Long has it been since I sent a Media Release?

Here are a few ideas we have to help you get started on a new release

 Share Helpful Tips:

  • These can be the top ten, or five to succeed in your industry
  •  Tips for clients and customers on how to use your products or services
  •  Advice for people starting out in your field
  • Tips sheets or feature story around events and holidays that relate to your business i.e.: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Tax Time etc.

Share Something Unusual:

Is there some interesting or unusual about your business or industry that you can share ie:

  • The world’s biggest…….
  • World First….
  • Did you hear about….

Market Trends and Thought Leadership:

Position yourself as the expert by commenting on market trends and issues that affect your industry:

  • Comment on or tie into current events and interesting trends
  • Industry predictions
  • Comment on findings of a recent report, survey or poll
  • Debunk common myths about products or services

So if it has been a while since your last release or you have something new to share why not get writing!


My Book of PR Tips – Putting PR within Reach


My Book of PR Tips is a go-to guide for those starting out in DIY PR and for business owners wishing to learn a new trick or two for their business. In My Book of PR Tips, we explore the basics from working with the media from getting started to what to do after you have secured an interview.

Inside your will find tips

  • Working with the Media
  • The makeup of Media Releases
  • Being a great Media Source
  • Times in Business Where You Could Write a Media Release and Media Release Ideas
  • Checklists for your media campaigns and more

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