Student completion rates for online courses can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including the subject matter, the level of difficulty, and the commitment and motivation of the students.

Some studies have found that completion rates for online courses tend to be lower than those for traditional in-person courses. However, other studies have found that completion rates can be similar or even higher for online courses when compared to in-person courses.

One study conducted by the Department of Education found that the completion rate for online courses was about 60%, compared to about 80% for in-person courses. However, a low completion rate does not mean your students did not learn or get what they needed from your course. They may have gotten the answer they needed early on.

It is easy as creators to stress over completion rates. but we must remember students have competing demands in their daily lives.

In this episode, we are going to cover several strategies that educators can use to improve completion rates for online courses. These include providing clear goals and expectations, offering support and resources to students, using engaging and interactive teaching methods, and providing regular feedback and assessments.


[0:00] Introduction to the Course Creators Circle Podcast
[0:26] Introduction to the topic of student completion rates
[1:00] Factors that can affect completion rates
[1:20] Comparison of completion rates for online courses and in-person courses
[1:56] Completion rates for non-degree granting institutions
[2:00] Low completion rates don’t necessarily mean students didn’t get value from the course
[2:34] Strategies for improving online completion rates, such as providing mini-wins and feedback/assessment on assignments
[3:00] Other tips, including creating a strong nurture sequence and designing a well-structured course
[6:00] Emphasis on the importance of feedback from students and not stressing too much about completion rates
[6:57] Conclusion and call-to-action for checking out the Course Creators Circle website

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