In today’s digital age, the use of AI has revolutionised the way content ideation and creation take place in marketing. With the help of AI tools, content creators can easily search for keywords and generate ideas for their content creation. 

AI can also be utilised to create content outlines, summaries of long-form content, and short-form content such as social media posts, sound snippets, and videos. Additionally, AI tools can assist in the editing and transcribing of videos and podcasts. 

AI can also be utilised to market the content created by generating variations of content and sharing them across social media platforms. 

By leveraging the power of AI, we can simplify and streamline our content creation and marketing efforts, resulting in more efficient and effective campaigns.

The tools we use AI with to create content:


AI tools have led themselves to an amazing reach when it comes to ideation in marketing.

We can use AI tools such as AnswerThePublic, Bramework, or Peppertype to search for ideas and come up with outlines for the content that we want to create.

At the ideation phase, we can use AI to search for keywords that people are looking for. A tool like AnswerThePublic can be used by typing in the product or keyword that we want to rank into the search and it will create a content ideas wheel for us.

We can then take these search terms into a tool like Bramework and put in additional details to come up with content headlines and outlines for our blog, video, or podcast.

Another tool I like to use for video ideation is VidIQ. It has a daily idea generator that gives you content ideas as you start the optimisation process right from the search engine of YouTube itself.

Content Outlines

After the ideation process, we can use AI to create outlines and give you the foundation for your topic. Remember, AI tools can help start and expand a paragraph for us, but not create the whole piece of content. Tools like Bramework and Peppertype are helpful in these areas. 

AI helps us get our ideas flowing so we are ready to create our content. We can start with a keyword about the topic that we want to discuss and Bramework helps us develop the outlines of our blog post, video, or podcast. When we get the outline, we can then fill in the blanks, add more details, or use talking points to personalise the content to our audience.

In the end, our audience is going to work with us and we want to ensure that our tone matches our content. If we use AI for our content outlines, we have to personalise it with our own voice, whether these are our own talking points in a podcast, our own words in a blog post, or our own interactions in a video. This makes sure that there is no disconnect from the content we create to our audience and clients’ interactions with us.

Creating Short-form Content from Long-form Content

Another great use of AI marketing is to take long-form pieces of content and turn them into short-form pieces of content, such as:

  • Social media posts
  • Short-form video ideas
  • Short Videos from long videos
  • Sound snippets or audiograms from podcasts

The beautiful thing about AI is we can take a long-form piece of content, summarise it, and create shorter pieces from it.

We can take a blog and write social posts from it.

We can take a podcast and get a few sound grabs created from it.

We can take a long video and make short clips using tools like Descript

AI is useful for identifying key statements within our content and repurposing them into shorter-form pieces like social graphics, audiograms, video clips which can be shared throughout social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

Content Creation and Editing 

There are a lot of amazing AI tools when it comes to creating content and editing. 

Bramework and Peppertype create content suggestions based on user input so you can quickly and easily create keyword-focused content

Descript is a great tool to edit videos and podcasts. It has a built-in AI to edit, transcribe, and add captions to your audio and video clips. You can take the transcript and use Bramwork or Peppertype to create show notes for you.

Lumen5 and Pictory both allow you to create videos from text, blogs, or key statements that we grabbed from other sources.

Canva has two great AI features we like. These are Text-to-Image which takes your text and turns it into an image, and Bulk Create which allows you to upload a CSV text file and add it to your social media image templates.

Talk-to-Type tools even let you get the ideas out of your head and use AI tools to summarise and rewrite them for you.

Marketing your content

After all that content creation and repurposing, we can also use AI tools to market our content. There are tools like MissingLettr and MeetEdgar that take the content you have created and use their built-in AI to create variations of social posts and schedule them for posting on your social platforms. MissingLettr even includes hashtag suggestions to go along with your social posts

These tools allow you to tap into the power of AI and Insights across social media platforms to choose the best time suggested by the algorithms to deliver your content to your audience.

Prompts You Can Use in the AI Tools and ChatGPT

Content-related Prompts:

  • Create a blog outline 
  • Create a podcast outline 
  • Create 10 First Person Social Media Posts 
  • Create 10 Third Person Socials Media Posts 
  • Write a LinkedIn Post
  • Write a Tweet 
  • Write an Instagram Caption
  • Combine different content into a single blog post
  • Brainstorm 10 click-worthy headlines for an article
  • Re-write an article to make it easy to understand
  • Write Show Notes for podcasts

Marketing-related Prompts:

  • What are some different ways to position this business to differentiate from the many [Business Type] out there?
  • Write Landing page copy 
  • Create a list of video ideas for [Business Type]

Prompts to Create Marketing Materials for a Product Event or Course:

  • Write sales copy for (add the description in your own words)
  • Come up with 5 title ideas for the above
  • Create a Landing Page outline for the above
  • Write FAQs for the above
  • Write 5 Social Posts for the above

Prompts to Create Content for Your Key Search Term or Topic

  • Create a blog outline for a topic 
  • Generate more content ideas 
  • Generate bullet points
  • Write expert notes for a topic
  • Write 5 social media post variations for the above in 1st person
  • Write 5 social media posts variations for the above in 3rd person
  • Create YouTube Video Outline from the above
  • Script for a YouTube Video
  • Create a Podcast Outline
  • Script for a Podcast episode

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