So you want to teach a course but are stuck for ideas on what to teach. In this episode of the Course Creators Circle Podcast, we are going to tackle the topic of what you can teach as a course creator.

Course Creation comes from the knowledge that we have and that someone else (hopefully many) wants to know about.

So when starting on our course creation journey one of the natural questions will be what can I teach, so let’s dive in

Course creation comes from knowledge. Knowledge you already have. 

Your expertise is something truly valuable, and you just need to tap into that and share it to people who want and need it.

So how do you unlock ideas on what you can teach as a course creator?

Teach what you know

These are your passions. Something you can talk about for hours. 

If you know it inside out and you’re very passionate about it, you can teach it. Both your expertise and your passion will come out in your courses.

So make a list of the things you know and love doing. It doesn’t have to be related to your niche. If you’re a lawyer, you don’t necessarily have to teach lawyering techniques or even marketing your law firm, though you absolutely can. You can offer a baking class if you love baking! 

Think of the key steps you can teach people, the key steps that might be unique to your own experiences and expertise.

Teach what you’ve learned

These things stick to you: the things you wish you knew when you started, the mistakes you can now teach others to avoid because you made them, and the shortcuts you have picked up throughout the years. 

This is where it gets interesting and special because your expertise comes with unique systems and processes you’ve learned or built from what you’ve learned along the way.

Teach what you know your students should know

What do people always ask you? If you find yourself answering a specific question or set of questions all the time, you can bet that people are also asking Google. 

And they can learn so much better from you than from Google.

Turn their questions into a course. At some point, it probably frustrates you that you end up talking about this again and again, but for the people asking you that question, they don’t know that. The question is important to them. They want the information and the advice you can give them. 

So turn it into a course!

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