Whether you’re a beginner or experienced course creator, it is important to be able to identify your personal learning styles and preferences. Not only does this help you learn more effective, but it can also identify if we have any biases towards certain learning styles when creating courses.

While most people will have a dominant learning style, the truth is they usually learn through multiple methods. Using a mix of teaching methods and techniques presents the best opportunity for all course participants to learn, distill, and crystalise the information you are teaching.

Over the years you’ve probably realised that some topics come more easily to you than others – but it often isn’t the case that it is the subject itself. The difference is often in how we are taught. Your personality can also play a role in how you learn. Extroverts may do better in group settings while introverts tend to learn better on their own. Some people do better when they have clear goals to work towards, while others learn better when they have an emotional interest in the subject.

When creating courses, it is essential that you are aware of how your course is taught, and whether you may need to tweak some aspects to provide better for various learners. This might include putting in a group session or tips on how students can put areas into action.

With so many different learning styles, take our quiz to find out what yours is. After the quiz we will share with you some emails and tips on how you can use your style as your teaching superpower and tap into other learning styles as you create your course.