When Miss C was little and I was first starting in business, I wrote this post when the idea of being Super Mum was as crazy as it is today. Each family member including us mums has lives to live and a balanced life, not one of a super mum is what we would be after.

So I thought with Mother’s Day approaching a gift we could give ourselves is to ditch the idea of super mum and I would share that moment in time that I realised super mum was not a thing.

Let’s head back to 2012 when I realised super mum was not real

This post has been brewing in me for weeks now and I am still baffled at the levels we seem to compete at as Mums let alone working Mums. I feel like I am back in high school the gawky young dancer girl with the wrong clothes and weird body with all the competition that seems to be out there in the world of being a Mum.

How are we meant to keep up with it all?

Are we meant to be so perfect that we don’t need to eat and sleep just so we can be Super Mum… NO! She is not real!

After a few calls this week where people are amazed at what I do, my team or my ability to juggle, and people who think I am a Super Mum. Let me tell you I am not…

It is time to share the wheels fall off here too. I have bad days things don’t go to plan and I end up crying when I just can’t handle it anymore, after all, I am Mum, not Super Mum!

I had a call this week where I ended up in tears after being on the phone to another Mum in a business, where I had tried to explain I was a Mum and human like the Mums I support in business. This Mum left me feeling like I had no right to make a mistake and I should be a super mum in business like her.

Why do we do this to each other?

I began to question myself, wonder why I try, why we bother to offer support to Families in Business and create a community where we can reach out to each other if we are going to tear each other down…then I got out to our networking!

I met some amazing Mums in business as well as Dads. I saw Mums talking, helping, and supporting each other; I got a hug from a stranger that made my week when she said our site had saved her business. That is when I felt proud about what we do!

Emotionally being a Mum in business can be hard especially if you work from home; you juggle the kids and are isolated from the people contact you are used to.

We need to take care of ourselves as Mums and support each other through this journey. The appearance of a calm duck on the surface most often means scrambling hectic feet underneath.

Being a Mum is the most amazing and most judged job in the world. I remember when a girlfriend told me that I give Miss C too much food, I felt like crap, and then I thought a bit more it was her way of coping that her little boy was not eating like Miss C.

Super Mum is an ugly concept and ideal that keeps us all striving to be something no one can ever be so I say stop trying.

Why not try being Mum Not Super Mum; I think we would all be happier in the end.