Marketing for your business is an ongoing task. You do it consistently to get the results you need to put your business on track to where you want it to be. There is no way around it.

However, there are days when we absolutely don’t feel like doing anything marketing at all. We’re down on our mojo and we sometimes beat ourselves up. Please don’t, because you know what, it happens to the best of us. Yes, even to marketers like myself.

Often, these feelings are normal and temporary, triggered by a busier-than-usual routine. Maybe you needed to focus on other stuff for the business-like operations or sales or there’s a particular client that needs your focused attention. When this happens, marketing often gets to the back of our to-do list and that’s absolutely okay.

During periods like this though, it’s important to have strategies put in place to make sure marketing still happens for your business. This way, your business and brand is still continually put out there for people to see.

Tips to market your business even when you don’t feel like it:

Start with good solid evergreen content that you can automate.

Evergreen content are topics that stay relevant and valuable over time. These are your blog posts, videos, podcasts, or other forms of content that you can go back and share again through automation.

When your moments hit, you can rely on your evergreen content by using tools like MeetEdgar or Missinglettr to continue to turn up for you.

You need a well-rested break.

We all need a break from our business from time to time. Taking time off and stepping away from social media can work really well for us. Take a break and get a bit off a rest in is far better than being drudgy doing your marketing, Taking a break could be the best thing for your business and your health.

Look into outsourcing some of the marketing tasks.

This is especially when you’re too busy that you don’t have time to do the marketing side of your business. It’s great that you’re focusing on the things that you do best, but marketing your business still needs to be done. This is where outsourcing some of the marketing tasks that you don’t have time to do can come in handy.

Get a fresh set of eyes.

Whether it’s bouncing ideas off a friend or trusted colleague, or better yet hiring a marketing coach who has years of experience doing marketing or joining a community like The Marketing Circle. This allows you to do a brainstorming session so that you can get ideas about what others are doing in the industry, what’s working, and how it can work for you.

Go back and look at what worked in the past.

Look at your insights and see what worked in the past for your business. Maybe it can spark a new idea for you to help yu get that marketing mojo back. So look at your trends and see what you did this time last year, for example.

Take notes of questions people are asking you.

This is great at all times but especially when your mojo is low. If you’re being asked similar questions over and over, your market is telling you what they want to know. And this can be a great start on working on a how-to piece that helps you get motivated again.

Read your testimonials.

The testimonials that people have left you tell you why you’re good at what you do. They ate there to motivate you when you’re feeling low. They’re a reminder about why you’re doing what you’re doing. Try and look at what you did to attract that particular person to your business. How did you serve them? Replicate that marketing strategy again to attract more of those people.

Look at how you’ve changed.

Change can be a good thing for your business. But too much change in short periods of time can be overwhelming. This might be the reason why you’re overwhelmed. Can it be that you can’t keep up with the pace of the changes you’re making? Maybe it’s right to take a step back and review the old techniques that still work, or worked better. Quite often, the stuff that worked in the past is the same things that will work again and again.


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[0:30] Marketing when you don’t feel like it
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[0:55] Strategies that you can use until you get your mojo back
[1:02] Automation with evergreen content
[1:28] You can use tools like MeetEdgar and Missinglettr
[1:42] Sometimes you need a break
[2:27] Maybe it’s time to look at outsourcing
[2:40] Get a set fresh of eyes like a marketing coach
[3:00] Or join a community like The Marketing Circle
[3:47] Go back and look at what worked in the past
[4:12] Take notes of questions people are asking you
[4:30] Read your testimonials
[5:10] Go back to old techiniques that worked in the past
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