Marketing and ideas are my superpowers and I lend them to you when you work with me.

Ideas make the world go round, or at least my world which is why I love what I do.

Marketing is full of ideas, as is education and course creation, and lucky for me I get to combine both my loves in what I do here and via the projects I lead at Enever Group.

I love working with business owners like you to educate your market and take your ideas to market. 

I help you find your point of difference, perfect your image and build your profile, through the power of ideas and educating your market.

Working with business owners and educators just like you is what I do.

Gone are my corporate days, now I work in jeans and help you take your ideas to market, through courses, coaching, and consulting.


MY Story

I’m an ideas strategist with over 20 years of experience in marketing, branding, and public relations, passionate about helping businesses and individuals amplify their public profiles. Drawing from my roots as a dance instructor and educator, I blend traditional teaching methods with innovative marketing techniques. I serve as the Principal Director of the Enever Group’s Impact Team, where we empower business owners to achieve their branding and educational goals.

In 2014, I co-founded Business, Business, Business, a thriving online community of 33,000+ entrepreneurs exchanging knowledge and resources.

As a Thinkific-approved expert, I offer courses that aid businesses in asserting their marketplace authority. Among my resources are “My Book of PR Tips” and the “5-Minute Marketing Ideas” card deck. I specialise in creating strategies with a comprehensive understanding of the tools needed to define your brand, expand your reach, and engage your audience consistently.

A smiling woman wearing a denim jacket.

Ways We Can Work Together

Marketing with Me:
I adore aiding businesses in formulating and executing marketing strategies. Through consulting, coaching, or our Marketing Circle, my team at Enever Group and I are eager to activate our marketing expertise for you.

Teach with Me:
From a dance instructor at 14 to studying at ACU and joining a marketing team, I’ve merged my passions. As a Thinkific Approved Expert and Founder of The Course Creators Circle, I’m committed to guiding course creators in leveraging their knowledge.

Learn with Me:
Join me for a learning journey via Enever Group Business Academy, workshops, challenges, and more. With bi-monthly Zoom sessions, Marketing Circle members always have a chance to learn. Plus, don’t miss out on my eBook library!

Strategise with Me:
Brainstorm and strategise with me to bring your ideas to life. Drawing from years of experience, we can delve into marketing, course creation, and efficient strategies in our sessions.