I love answering marketing questions in the Ask Linda Series and this one is a great one for all the creators starting out with short-form videos, How can I make a Green Screen Video For Reels or Tiktok?

There are many ways but I love a tool called CapCut to create my Green Screen Videos For Reels or Tiktok, so in this tutorial, I am going to show you how it is done and how you can make a Green Screen Video For Reels or Tiktok right on your mobile phone without any fancy tricks or even a green screen.

With a few touches, you may virtually appear anywhere or in the case of business owners, add some great background image or branding to your videos. 

Highlights from How Can I Make a Green Screen Video for Reels or Tiktok?

[0:07] How to green screen video using CapCut

[0:26] Make our video

[0:32] Choose any background as it will be turned into a greenscreen later

[0:48] Record your intro video

[0:55] Open CapCut to edit

[1:20] Select photo to put behind greenscreen

[1:30] Add the overlay, in this case, me talking I recorded earlier

[1:55] Tap on remove background

[2:07] You can extend the length of your background image to match the length of your video

[2:30] Move things around according to your liking

[2:40] Preview your video

[2:55] That’s how you use the greenscreen feature on CapCut

[3:00] You can then use Instagram or Tiktok to add features when you post your video

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