PR is not just about crafting a single campaign or issuing a lone press release; it’s a multifaceted campaign that demands a strategic approach. It’s about understanding the three types of PR and integrating them seamlessly into your marketing efforts. 

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting, understanding these three types can make a substantial difference in how your brand is perceived in the public eye.

So in this episode of the Talk podcast, I will share with you the three types of Public Relations (PR) you need to know when working with the media.

Proactive PR: Taking Your Story to Market

Proactive PR involves getting your message out there, whether it’s through press releases, product launches, or highlighting new initiatives and team members. 

Businesses can use proactive PR to educate their market, sharing knowledge, tips, and expertise. It’s all about showcasing your business’s achievements, collaborations, and charity contributions.

Reactive PR: Navigating Responses and Engaging with the Media

The second frontier, reactive PR, comes into play in response to external stimuli. Businesses can engage in reactive PR by responding to announcements, contributing to discussions, or even capitalising on existing news stories through a technique called ‘newsjacking.’ 

Responding to media callouts and addressing any adverse developments proactively are also vital aspects of Reactive PR, which is essential for businesses to stay vigilant and agile in their responses.

Ongoing PR: Building Lasting Relationships with the Media

The often-underutilised third frontier, ongoing PR, is crucial for building lasting relationships with the media. It is essential to maintain a consistent presence in front of the media, fostering your ‘know, like, and trust’ factor. 

Evergreen content plays a crucial role in ongoing PR, offering timeless insights that resonate with journalists. Creating content that adds a current twist, such as relating it to ongoing events or seasonal tips tailored to specific times of the year. This consistent engagement helps businesses become a go-to source for the media.

Final Takeaway

PR is not a one-time campaign but a continuous exercise. Businesses can establish a robust presence in the media landscape by strategically employing proactive, reactive, and ongoing PR. 


  • [00:00:57] Proactive PR: Taking Your Story to Market
  • [00:02:02] Reactive PR: Navigating Responses and Engaging with the Media
  • [00:03:18] Ongoing PR: Building Lasting Relationships with the Media
  • [00:04:33] PR is a continuous exercise

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