We all want our email marketing campaign to be a hit and let’s face it email is one of the easiest ways to communicate in business nowadays.

An email campaign is more than just compiling an email and hitting send there are few key things that will set your email campaign:

  1. Choose a trusted email provider that has a good open rate, uses spam free servers, and has an opt-in and out policy that is compliant with the antispam act. This helps your email campaign reach its destination in your audience’s inbox.
  1. Get your message right! Take the time to write your copy or have someone write it for you. It is important your message is clear, easy to read, and on brand. Take a read of The Formula of a Newsletter for tips to help you.
  1. Does the email campaign pass the spam filter test?  If not written properly your email campaign can end up in your prospects spam folder and let’s face it who checks their spam folder in detail…most mailing platforms have a test system so use it before you hit send. Avoid thing like over capitalisation and overuse of things like !! they trigger spam filters along with the words sale and free.
  1. Remember a call to action I see some amazing email campaigns come in missing one thing – asking me to take the next step. Make your call to action easy to see and hard to resist. i.e., an exclusive offer, limit the time, etc. If we don’t ask our audience to take the next step how are they to know what to do next?
  1. Make changes if need be. Run a split test to a group before you send your mailout. A simple change in the subject line can increase conversions tremendously. Most mailing platforms have split testing built-in now you can test your headlines to make sure your campaign has the best success.
  1. And you keep changing! Continue testing different versions of your content. Learn what works for your audience and then stick to it!
  1. Remember to follow up! Email is a great icebreaker, but it is not for everyone so make the most of your campaign by following up with a call or letter to keep your audience thinking about you. Especially in the world of digital marketing, a follow-up that is not digital can really stand out.

Email marketing is a great first step in engaging past and present customers but do make sure you are compliant with the Spam act and that your lists are members that have opted in to hear from you.

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