Every business relies on marketing to fuel growth. Effective marketing campaigns produce a steady flow of qualified leads for a business, which are then converted to paying customers.

But sometimes things don’t always work out the way you want. No matter how hard you try, your marketing strategy just isn’t working. You’re not making any sales, and your expenses are growing faster than your revenue.

What do you do? First of all, don’t beat yourself up. It can happen even to the best of us. Even the best strategies get bogged down by external forces that are not in our control. The important thing is that we know when something isn’t working and how to change course based on what we know.

So don’t give up on your marketing strategy just yet! Marketing takes time, and in this Tips Tuesday session, we will discuss a few things you can do to review and tweak that strategy to help you refine and rework your marketing campaigns.

Here are things you can do when your Marketing isn’t working:

  • Review your insights. What are they telling you? By looking at our insights on places like Facebook and Google Analytics, we can find out what is and isn’t working. What are getting clicks, engagements, or getting traffic? It’s also important to look at the time when your audience is online so you can publish your content at an optimal time when they will be able to see it. You can use tools like VidIQ that help you select the best times to release your content.
  • Checklists and Workflows. Are they actually leading to your goals? Are you actually promoting as much as you say you are? Do an audit whether or not you’re actually getting it out there enough times. Sometimes we find that what is mentally in our head is not translating into the action we are taking. This is where good checklists and workflows come in like the one I have made in our Marketing Planner to help you guide through the process of your marketing.
  • Follow up on an engagement. Make sure you are following up on people showing interest in your product or service. Have you responded to that inquiry in your inbox already? Do you have an abandon cart sequence? Does your event have enough information on the landing page? These are the things that you should have already in place before even beginning to do your promotions to maximise the best results.
  • Review your strategies. Are you using just one particular style of strategy? Quite often that will end in results that don’t work. Have we done something in the past that we can revisit? Or maybe it’s just something that we can do some adjustments to. Marketing is fluid and we need to adjust often like our times, our tones, or styles.
  • Give things time. Marketing is a gradual build-up of things and takes time for it to see if the strategy is working. Sometimes it takes three to six months to see some results. Marketing is a long burn process so make sure to give it some time to develop before actually deciding that it isn’t working.
  • Invest in new ideas. If everything still isn’t working after all the reviewing and adjusting, then it might be time to just try something new. New ideas, both free and paid, can open up new opportunities. You can try new campaigns that can bring in more fun and engagement. You can invest in memberships with a Marketing community and coach that will help bring new ideas and strategies to grow your market.

Remember not all business owners were born to be marketers. It is a skill that we practise and develop over time. Each step that you take for business can help you grow and market your business. Think of your audience and tailor your strategies according to what they actually want and not what you think they want.

Want more marketing tips? Join us in the Marketing Circle where we talk all things marketing.


[0:00] Introduction
[0:26] Things that you can do when your Marketing isn’t working
[1:26] There are no guarantees that all campaigns will work
[1:51] What can we change to get back on track
[2:45] Review our insights
[3:21] When is our audience online?
[4:10] Do an audit if you are actually promoting
[5:09] Establish strong workflows and checklists
[5:36] Check whether you are following up on an engagement
[6:21] Review your strategies
[7:28] don’t adjust strategies too quickly
[7:48] Marketing is a long process
[8:00] Try something new
[8:55] Always think of your audience
[9:50] Marketing is a skill and it’s going to take time
[10:05] Thank you for joining me in another Tips Tuesday session

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