Snackable content, something your audience can interact with quickly and still come away with something truly valuable.

I love snackable content! Because it can be created quickly and consumed quickly.

A recent study conducted by Microsoft Corporation found that the average human now has a shorter attention span than a goldfish. A goldfish can focus for nine seconds; people are down to a mere eight seconds

What does that mean for us when it comes to content creation?

It means upping our bite sized content game.

All you have to do is think about the push the social channels are making for bite sized video, tik tok, YouTube Shorts, Reels and don’t forget stories.

Bite sized or snackable content is for on-the-go consumption and perfect for those in your audience who are scrolling

More people are consuming content on their mobile devices, and they spend 60% of their time on social media.

Readers can see it, scan it, and quickly share it within a heartbeat, engage and move on.

Some snackable content ideas you can share are:

  • Your top tips in short bursts (videos, memes, audio)
  • Product how to’s and walkthroughs
  • Highlight blog or podcast episodes
  • As a way to promote larger campaigns, giveaways, online events, etc
  • extra light bites to your audience, such as GIFs, meme

Bite Sized content Tools (some of these tools we are affiliate partners with)

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