Over the past few decades, franchising has emerged as a popular way to enter a new business or expand an existing one by licensing your business system and know-how.

But what exactly is involved? In this Business Conversation, I’m joined by lawyer Steven Brown of Etienne Lawyers to discuss the pros and cons of franchising and what it involves for both the franchisor and franchisee.

Steven and I discuss:

  • The role of franchising in the Australian economy and the factors both franchisors and franchisees should be mindful of
  • The skills and experience a person should have to become a successful Franchisor in the 21st century
  • Who makes a good franchisee, who should never take on a franchise, and what you need to see before you pay any money

Steven Brown is a highly experienced lawyer with extensive knowledge in all aspects of business and commercial law. He boasts an intimate knowledge of Corporations Law and the Australian Securities Exchange business and listing rules.

Steven is involved in corporate structuring, compliance, corporate takeovers, company floats, the preparation of prospectuses, employee share schemes and advising on directors’ duties, and insolvency and securities law and practice.

In addition, Steven is also a lecturer and published author.