Educating your market is a highly effective way of illustrating your expertise and this style of marketing also extends to courses you can offer your audience.

Course Creation allows your audience to come away with unique skills and insight that you as an expert can offer, through your courses.

Course Creation helps build authority in your brand and serves to see you recognised as a leader in your field.

Courses can also work as a great way to lead your audience into your service or enable you to promote higher-ticket items. The value of Course Creation lies in.

  • Building your brand and authority
  • Showcase your ethos
  • Highlighting your expertise 
  • Offer additional value to those who use your services
  • Provide insight into little known skills used in your field of expertise
  • Creating a new branch in your Marketing Tree

So let’s Ask ourselves a few questions to see what you can teach your audience through courses

  • How did you get to where you are?
  • How do you do what you do? 
  • How did you overcome obstacles people might come across?
  • Tips, Shortcuts and How To’s others should know

Questions to ask yourself when considering monetising your knowledge

If you’re considering whether your expertise can be monetised, it pays to ask yourself a few simple questions.

These help you determine if there is demand for your expertise and also assist with identifying the types of information that will lend itself to monetisation.

Questions include:

  • Can I share a unique perspective?
  • Do I have ‘insider’ tips?
  • Are there questions my customers frequently ask of me or my business?
  • Is there something that comes easily to me that others might find complex?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, it then comes down to determining the best method of monetising your insight.

Download the Course Creators Circle Monetise Your Knowledge Worksheet to get started.