Joy Fairhall – Connecting Mind Body and Joy When life throws a curveball, Joy Fairhall is the person you want in your corner. As the founder of Mind Body Joy, she brings personal insight and professional expertise to help find the positive perspective to overcome and manage a life-changing event. Qualified as a Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Practitioner, and many other qualifications and certifications, to become a truly Holistic practitioner. Joy focuses on the link between mind and body, enabling people to function well, physically and emotionally.

In this Business Conversation, Joy and I explore the Benefits of Business using Positive Psychology including:

  • Why does focusing on what brings you Joy makes you more productive?
  • People tend to think that ‘Positive Psychology is ‘Happiology.’ Is that true?
  • Can you give an example of how mindfulness can help in business?

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