Time is a scarce resource, especially for us as business owners. 

We wear a lot of hats for our business, doing almost everything in the business sometimes creating content is the last thing we want to do.

So in this episode of Talk, we are going to look at one of my favourite content creating hacks/processes repurposing content and turning the old into new.

Repurposing content is an approach that takes existing, published content from your library, and puts a new spin on it by refreshing, remixing, updating, and/or creating something totally new and wonderfully different from it. 

By breathing new life into your old content, you can maximise the investments you’ve already made previously, and also give it some much-needed visibility. This is good for your website, social channels, and other assets. 

New visitors can see what you’re putting out and old visitors can be reminded of the relevant information from your evergreen content.

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  • [0:00] Introduction
  • [0:22] One of my favourite topics in the content creation process
  • [0:42] What is repurposing content?
  • [0:58] Why do we repurpose content?
  • [1:23] Ways to repurpose your old content
  • [1:40] A handy tool to make an ebook from your blog posts
  • [2:20] Making videos from your blog posts
  • [3:00] Making short-form content
  • [3:25] Breaking down key messages into social media posts
  • [3:45] Video tips series
  • [4:10] Repurposing your video content 
  • [5:40] Sharing your evergreen content
  • [6:10] Delivering your content through challenges for opt-in
  • [6:40] Join my repurposing course and learn more
  • [6:55] Using quizzes 
  • [7:15] Join the Marketing Circle for more marketing tips

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