Sitting here at almost 3pm I think wow I have achieved a lot today as I cross another thing off my board feeling chuffed with myself but not all days are the same because some days I make unreasonable to-do lists.

Today is not one of those days so what were the keys to success in today’s list.

  1. I started the list last night so I did not get up all muddle-headed and panicked so I was ready for work.
  2. I planned my day I had time for Emails, Social Networking, Calls, and Admin
  3. I tackled one task at a time = allot more focused response and a faster result
  4. I had a break for lunch
  5. The tasks were reasonable and set into small chunks
  6. I have hidden my email so I only see it when I open it same with Facebook
  7. I allocated my time so I used it wisely

This does not mean:

  1. The phone did not ring
  2. My daughter played the game and let mummy work when she needed to
  3. That I did not have to juggle my day

What it did mean is that when these things happened today I was prepared for it and able to handle it without feeling ambushed. The trick to today’s to-do list it was simple, visual and I felt like I achieved something with all the tasks being a step to the bigger picture. So really planning was the key to success with the detail needed to make sure I was focused on what I needed to do!

What works for you and your To Do list?