As an entrepreneur, launching your first online course can be an exciting journey. However, it’s essential to avoid common mistakes that could hinder your success. 

By understanding and steering clear of these mistakes, you can guarantee that your first course will stand out. Nevertheless, it’s easy to make errors that could ruin your launch

Those who have paved the way before you have provided valuable insights, allowing us to identify common pitfalls and mistakes. This knowledge ensures that your inaugural online course is poised for success.

Rushing the course creation process 

Eagerness to share your knowledge can lead to hasty course development, resulting in an unfinished or unpolished product. Resist the temptation to launch prematurely. Instead, invest time upfront defining the curriculum, lessons, materials, and assessments. Use tools like the Course Creators Circle Planning Sheets or the Course Creation Guidebook to help you on this journey.

Prioritise quality over speed; a well-crafted course will resonate with learners and establish your credibility.

Choosing the wrong platform 

Select your course hosting platform carefully based on factors like your tech abilities, audience, business model and more. Using a platform that’s too advanced or basic for your needs can frustrate you and your customers. 

Take time to thoroughly evaluate membership site builders, LMS platforms, your website and other options. As Thinkific-approved experts, Thinkific is our platform of choice.

Having poor video quality 

Videos are a staple of most online courses. But bad lighting, choppy editing and bad audio can make your videos seem unprofessional. Study best practices for lighting your filming area on a budget. Invest in a decent microphone and use scripts to avoid rambling. See our course creators toolkit to find the tools to help you.

Unengaging materials 

Course materials like lengthy PDFs or slide decks can quickly lose learners’ attention. To maintain focus and engagement, incorporate interactive elements into worksheets, workbooks, and other course materials. Consider including activities, quizzes, assessments, case studies, and other engaging components.

Forgetting calls-to-action (CTAs) 

Don’t assume students will automatically progress through your course. Insert clear CTAs at the end of lessons to drive enrolment in the next part. Tell them exactly where to click and what to do next.

Neglecting course marketing 

Creating a course is just the beginning; promoting and marketing your course it is an ongoing effort to ensure people can find it. Start promoting your course before and after its launch. 

Share teasers and pre-enrolment benefits leading up to the launch, and notify your email subscribers when it goes live. Partner with affiliates and optimise for SEO to increase your course visibility. Running limited-time sales is also a good way to attract more students.

Pricing too high or too low 

Take time to find the ideal price based on your costs, customers’ perceived value, and competitors’ rates. Pricing too high and no one enrols. Too low leaves money on the table. Consider offering payment plans.

Creating your first online course is a thrilling experience. By taking the time to plan, develop high-quality materials, and market your course effectively, you can ensure your online course stands out and delivers value to your learners. 

Remember to prioritise quality over speed, choose the right platform, and engage your learners with interactive materials. We hope these tips will help you successfully launch an online course that will help you achieve your business goals.

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